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Razzy Bailey
Traci Kennedy
Skyla Spencer
Eddie Eastman
Cindy Lu
Joe Houck
Beth Baldridge
Harlee Duke
A bit of feedback from M-T-M Comps
  I am pleased to recieve your compilation CD with all those great artists.. I can say there is not a song I would not want to spin, so give your artists my best wishes & wish them good luck..
                                                     -Dann Hanson
                                                      A&R Dirrector Darkhorse Traditions-Radio DJ Roskilde Radio, Denmark
  Thank you for your CD compilation sent to me.. I love all the tracks on the CD and have not found a bad one.. Well done on another good comp CD and keep up the good work.. It's because of hardworking people like yourselves that my job is made so easy and enjoyable...
                                                     -Sherrl Chilcott
                                                      General Manager / Radio Great Southern-Wagin Western Australia
   Mark Trail has put together another great compilation cd. A wide variety of good music which represents the many talented performers past and present..Mark Trail did an excellent job, the effort you can see by the complete quality of the cd..
                                                       -Dave Schmidt
                                                        Dave Schmidt's Super Top 10 Country newsletter-USA
   You've come up with some outstanding selectrion of tracks!.. Many Thanks! There's some excellent tracks on it, I will schedule over the coming weeks and months
                                                     -Eddie O'Strange
                                                       DJ blue smoke prod./Town & Country Radio- New Zealand
  The first listen..there are potential hits in this bunch..Great comp!!
                                                     -Roadhouse Vic
                                                      Host /Country Music In Exile-WGBB- Freeport,New York USA
  ..sounds like quite a few good tracks- it will certainly get some airplay from me.. Keep up the good work and most of all "Keep it country"
                                                      -Graeme Godkin
                                                       Yarra Valley FM 99.1- Victoria Australia
   Wow! Thanks so much for allowing Lolene to appear on this compilation with such wonderful artists. We have heard so many compilations over the last 3 years that have 4, 5 or even 6 really good tracks, and the rest are week. But yours are strong, top to bottom.. I can say without reservation that Lolene is honored to be in such oustanding company.
                                                      -Richard Cheeks
                                                       Sugar Hill Communications - Nicholasville, KY USA
   Hi Mark,. You obviously set standards in accepting entries for your compilations...The hardest part with this CD is picking the best of the best...
                                                      -Frank Mchugh
                                                       Country Music Broadcaster 98.9 FM, Victoria Australia
  Thanks I recieved your CD.. It's pro quality and there is some great artists! for sure I will airplay.
                                                     -Michel Gandon
                                                      Presenter Radio Galaxie 98.5FM - Beaupay, France
    Merci.. Thanks very much for your last sending.. great album! It's a natural thing to do and a great honor to airplay this album in our weekly "Country & Bluegrass music" radio program..thank you very much and we look forward to it..
                                                     -Andr'e Leclerc
                                                      Radio Tilt FM 88.8 - Gievres, France
    Great to hear people are listening to Sheb's music.. Thank you I am sure Sheb is smiling down on you...
                                                     -Linda Dotson
                                                      Dotson-Wooley Entertainment- Hendersonville, TN
    You put together a great Compilation, Thanks Mark!.
                                                     -Razzy Bailey
                                                      Country Music Legend &Featured  Artist - Goodlettesville, TN
John Foster
Keri Lea
    We are currently playlisting this great collection of Independent artists and their fine songs..Keep up the "Feel Good Music" it sure is radio friendly.. Cheers..
                                                     -Tony Slingsby 'Slinga'
                                                      Slinga's Radio Show- Victoria Australia
   Thanks for the CD, Great stuff for my radio program......
                                                     -Alex Pijnen
                                                      BRTO Radio- Holland
Deborah Allen
Featured Artists On M-T-M #06
Bobby Cash
Billy Bridge
Stephanie Thomson
Marc Christian
Justin Barret
M-T-M#06 Tracks
01- Justin Barret "Me, Myself & I"

02- Tin Ridge Band "Ready, Set, Get Wet"
03- Bobby Cash  "Man Out On The Road"
04- Stephanie Thomson "Memphis Rain"
05- John Foster "After Hours"
06- Eddie Eastman " Mexico In Our Backyard"
07-Deborah Allen "I'm Only In It For The Love"
08-Marc Christian "One Of Those Mornings"
09- Razzy Bailey "In Miami"
10- Joe Houck "King Of The World"
11- Harlee Duke "Sound Of A Woman Saying Goodbye"
12- Billy Bridge "One More Chance Once More"
13-Michael S. Moore "She Moves Me"
14- Beth Baldridge "Candy Mints & Dreams"
15- Skyla Spencer "Oh What A Day"
16- Traci Kennedy "The Conversation"
17- Cindy Lu "Two Sides"
18- Destry "I've Got My Heart Set on You"
19- Keri Lea "Hey Boy"
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(Curb Records)
(BB Music)
(Barretunes Music)
(Vatikan Records)
(S.O.A Records)
(S.O.A Records)
(East Bound)
(MC Music)
(JH Music)
(B & T Music)
Thanks for including me on your CD!!
                                                     -Deborah Allen
                                                      Recording Artist, (Curb) Nashville, TN www.deborahallen.com
  Hello Mark, I recieved your CD yesterday, what a great album that any promoter would be very proud of.. I sure look forward to taking this album to air...
                                                      -Stu Frith
                                                       Sea Breeze FM, New Zealand
  What an excellent compilation this is as the others have also been, fantastic artists and songs, where did you find all those great voices?  Whatever your doing, Keep it up! Your music is great and I will be sure to give this some airplay on my program..
                                                     -Trudy Burke
                                                      DJ/host "Make Mine Country" 88.9 WYN-FM Victoria, Australia
   Your CD's have great music, looking forward to the next..
                                                     -Edith Polaski
                                                      Presenter / Tank Radio 103.1  FM Kempsey NSW Australia
    Hi Mark, Thanks for sending me the latest copy of M-T-M Compilation It's really good.. It's a great example for the quality of today's independent country music scene...
                                                     -Max W. Achatz (www.countryjukebox.de)
                                                      Host "Country Jukebox" FM Radio Munich, Germany
I love the comp CD, I like what you did with it..
                                                     -R.W. Shamy Jr. (www.twangcast.com)
                                                      Owner / Manager Twangcast Radio- Oragnge, VA USA
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