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Featured Artists On M-T-M #07..
Stephanie Thomson
Marc Christian
Justin Barret
M-T-M#07 Tracks
01- Willie Mack "We All Can't Be From Texas"

02- Stephanie Thomson "Modern Day Attraction"
03- J.T. Austin  "Back To The Farm"
04- Justin Barret "I'm Not Listening"
05- The Wilkinsons "Little Girl"
06- John Berry " Your Love Amazes Me"
07-Tin Ridge Band "Let's Take The Weekend"
08-Anthony Finney "Dangerous"
09- Marc Christian "Where's California"
10- Maggie Austin "Time And Again"
11- Ken Wheat "Livin' In Limbo"
12- Jennifer Marino "Why Me?"
13- Bill Durham "Pink Cadillac"
14- Graham Rodger "The Night I Saved John Wayne"
15- John Foster "I'm Not Breaking"
16- Harlee Duke "You Didn't Burn That Bridge"
17- Jimbeau Hinson "In The Presence Of Your Love"
18- Brian Welch"Devil On The Run"
19- Traci Kennedy "86,400"
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John Berry
The Wilkinsons
Jennifer Marino
Ken Wheat
Willie Mack
Brian Welch
Bill Durham
Anthony Finney
Maggie Austin
Graham Rodger
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Jimbeau Hinson
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