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Mark Trail Music
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Nashville,Tennessee 37202
John Foster
Featured Artists On M-T-M #08..
Marc Christian
Eddie Eastman
M-T-M#08 Tracks
01- John Foster "Blue Ridge Born"

02- Aimee Pettersen "I Want You"
03- J.C. Andersen  "(I Still See) Me With You"
04- Rick Holt  "Taken' It With Me"
05- Eddie Eastman  "Cowboy Shuffle"
06- Mark Holt & Kimberlee Holt" Midnight Rider"
07-Marc Christian "Overdue"
08-Deborah Allen "Anything Other Than Love"
09- Anthony Finney "Take A Look At That Girl"
10- Lindsey Ridener "PHD In Love"
11- Ken Wheat "On My Own"
12- J.T. Austin "I Don't Know What Else To Do"
13- Jaclynn T. Brown  "Jimmy Thing"
14- Brian Welch "Sand Castles"
15- Razzy Bailey "I Don't Want To Be A Stranger"
16- Amanda White "A Good Woman To Love"
17- Tin Ridge Band "I've Got The Sun"
18- Cissy McCaa "Give Him Praise"
19- Chase Tyler "Another Cross Goes Up"
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J.C. Andersen
Aimee Pettersen
Ken Wheat
Jaclynn T. Brown
Brian Welch
Razzy Bailey
Anthony Finney
Lindsey Ridener
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(Brown Bag Music)
(Ride On Records)
(Eastbound Productions)
(CMA Promotions)
(Sully Boy Records)
(Jumpin' Johnny Records)
(SOA Records)
Deborah Allen
Mark Holt
Chase Tyler
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