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John Foster
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Marc Christian
M-T-M#09 Tracks
01- John Foster "I'm Not Breaking"

02- Cornel Dyke "She Don't Know It"
03- Marc Christian"Look What The Trailer Park Drug In"
04- Pete Schlegel  "Liquor To Like Her"
05- Stephanie Thomson  "Memphis Rain"
06- Shane Warner " I Could Get Used To This"
07-Sally Burgess  "The Legacy"
08-Razzy Bailey  "9,999,999 Tears"
09- Jerry Lindsey "Black Hats, 6 Packs, Guitars & Girls"
10- Ernie Ashworth  "Borrowed Bottle"
11- Jim Russ "I'm Waiting"
12- Cissy McCaa "Be Not Afraid"
13- Dennis Hillebrand  "Bring Them All Home"
14- Maggie Austin "Taken Time"
15- Brian Welch  "Trail At The End Of Lonely"
16- Aimee Pettersen "You & Me"
17- Tin Ridge Band "I've Known Blue"
18- Traci Kennedy  "We Can Find Our Way"
19- Travis Woodruff "A Cross Along The Road"
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( Email us for artist bios!!)
Aimee Pettersen
Brian Welch
Razzy Bailey
(Brown Bag Music)
(Sully Boy Records)
(Jumpin' Johnny Records)
(SOA Records)
Featured Artist On M-T-M #09
Pete Schlegel
Stephanie Thomson
Cornel Dyke
Maggie Austin
Shane Warner
Sally Burgess
Traci Kennedy
Ernie Ashworth
Cissy McCaa
Jim Russ
Dennis Hillebrand
Travis Woodruff
Jerry Lindsey
(Cherry Bend)
(Gulf Wind)
(Granite Records)