Mark Trail Music, ASCAP
Trail Maker Music, BMI

John Foster
Shane Powell
M-T-M#10 Tracks
01- Joel Fry  "I'll Drink The 5th"
02- Clear Blue 22  "The Devil In Me"
03- Willie Mack "Too Country"
04- Pete Schlegel  "Something Strong"
05- Billy Yates  "This Song Doesn't Rock"
06- Grady Nations "Girls Dancin' "
07-Ronnie Caywood  "I'd A Played Here For A Dime"
08-Shane Powell  "Back In Your Arms Again"
09- Rustie Blue "The Devil May Care"
10- Fletcher Jowers  "A Cowboy Lullaby"
11- Rick Holdin "Killin' Me"
12- EC & R with George Jones "And They Sang"
13- Cissy McCaa  "Have You Ever Met Jesus"
14- John Foster"I've Got The Sun"
15- Ian Lehti  "Drinkin' That Wine"
16- Arly Karlsen "Good All Over Feeling"
17- Ronny Miller "Drive Fast, Turn Left"
18- Deborah Allen  "Anything Other Than Love"
19- Tin Ridge Band "(I Still See) Me With You"
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Rustie Blue
Ronnie Caywood
Arly Karlsen
(Right Track)
(Center Stage)
(SBS Records
(Rev Disc Records)
(Jumpin' Johnny Records)
(Showtime Records)
Pete Schlegel
Grady Nations
Deborah Allen
Rick Holdin
Fletcher Jowers
Cissy McCaa
Willie Mack
Ernie Couch & Revival with George Jones
(Cherry Bend)
(South Hall)
(Pistol Hill)
( NURI Records)
Featured Artists On M-T-M#10:
Joel Fry
Clear Blue 22
Billy Yates
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