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John Foster
Featured Artists On M-T-M #11:
Jerry Lindsey
M-T-M#11 Tracks
01- Aimee Pettersen  "Loud and Loco"
02- Justin David  "I'll Know When I get There"
03- J.C. Andersen "A Kiss Away"
04- Justin Barret  "Me, Myself and I"
05- Shane Warner  "3 Beers To Mexico"
06- Pete Schlegel "A Girl Like You "
07-Jimmie Wilson  "What Else Could Go Right"
08-Marc Christian "Time Well Wasted"
09- John Foster "(Not Even To) The Best Part Yet"
10- Aimee Pettersen  "Loud and Loco (Club Mix)"
11- Razzy Bailey with Johnny Cash "Long Black Veil"
12- Ronnie Caywood "Late Night Honky Tonk Country Song"
13- Barbara Sharp  "But You Will"
14- Jerry Lindsey "Everythings Bigger In Texas"
15- Fletcher Jowers  "Master's Call"
16- Cissy McCaa "The Promise"
17- Jerry Reed "Father Time and Gravity"
18- Rick Holt  "Losin' Faith"
19- Tin Ridge Band "Ready, Set Get Wet"
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J.C. Andersen
Ronnie Caywood
Shane Warner
(NorStar Records)
(R. C. Music)
(Granite Records)
(Jumpin' Johnny Records)
(Australiana Records)
Pete Schlegel
Justin Barret
Jimmie Wilson
Razzy Bailey
Fletcher Jowers
Cissy McCaa
Marc Christian
(Cherry Bend)
(Brown Bag Music)
(R2K Records)
(Pistol Hill)
(Sully Boy Records)
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Justin David
Jerry Reed
Aimee Pettersen
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