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John Foster
Featured Artists On M-T-M #12..
Country Mile
M-T-M#12 Tracks
01- Cornell Dyke  "Come On Home"
02- Country Mile  "Just Another Day"
03- Aimee Pettersen  "Loud and Loco"
04- John Foster  "Cry Myself To Sleep"
05- Clear Blue 22 "This One's For What's His Name"
06- Billy Yates "Harmony Man "
07-Rustie Blue  "Tomorrow Tonight"
08-Lance Christopher "Baby We're Gone"
09- Sylvia "Where In The World"
10-Patrick Riley /J.Carson / D.Singletary "Things Are Bad"
11- Mike Dunbar "Wait In The Valley"
12- Razzy Bailey with Willie Nelson "Night Life"
13- Ronnie Caywood  "She Moves Me"
14- Bill Durham "You Ain't Foolin' Nobody"
15- Cissy McCaa  "Hallowed Be Thy Name"
16- Fletcher Jowers "Church At The Wagon"
17- Eddie Eastman "Runaway Heart"
18- Shane Powell  "Lie, Cheat and Steal"
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Cornel Dyke
Ronnie Caywood
Shane Powell
(Pistol Hill)
(R. C. Music)
(Jumpin' Johnny Records)
(Rev Disc Records)
Rustie Blue
Lance Christopher
Razzy Bailey
Fletcher Jowers
Cissy McCaa
(Red Pony)
(Brown Bag Music)
(M.O.D Records)
(Center Stage Prod.)
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Billy Yates
Clear Blue 22
Aimee Pettersen
(Torn Sky Records)
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Mike Dunbar
Bill Durham
Patrick Riley
Eddie Eastman
(Mile High Records)
(Bull Records)