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John Foster
Featured Artists On M-T-M #13..
M-T-M#13 Tracks
01- Aimee Pettersen  "Worst in Me"
02- Shane Powell  "Goodbye Jersey"
03- Willie Mack  "Average Guy"
04- Rustie Blue  "Cloud Of Dust"
05- Pete Schlegel "Short For Gone"
06- Marc Christian "Look What The Trailer Park Drug In "
07-Mike Dekle  "Windows And Floors"
08-Patrick Riley "Moon Over The Rainbow"
09- Ronnie Caywood / Pauline Reese "My Elusive Dreams"
10-Sarah Beth Keeley "Thank You...Hopin' You Heard"
11- Lucie Diamond / Arly Karlsen "Always On My Mind"
12- Jerry Lindsey "This Can't Be Milwaukee"
13- Fletcher Jowers  "When The Roses Bloom In Spring"
14- Cissy McCaa"Don't Get Hung By Your Tongue"
15- Deborah Allen  "Deeper Water"
16- John Foster / Tin Ridge Band "Places In The Heart"
17- Allen Layman "Listen To The Rain"
18- 4Runner  "We Will Hope With You"
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Mike Dekle
Ronnie Caywood &
Pauline Reese
Shane Powell
(Parlay Records)
(Pistol Hill)
(R. C. Music)
(Jumpin' Johnny )
(Rev Disc Records)
Sarah Beth Keeley
Rustie Blue
Willie Mack
Lucie Diamond &
Arly Karlsen
Fletcher Jowers
Cissy McCaa
(Brown Bag Music)
(Cherry Bend Records)
(Center Stage Prod.)
(Kudos Music UK)
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Pete Schlegel
Deborah Allen
Aimee Pettersen
(SBS Records)
(WM Records)
Jerry Lindsey
Patrick Riley
(Fresh Records)
Marc Christian
(Sully Boy)
(Craig Morris / Lee Hillard / Michael Lusk)
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