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John Foster
Featured Artists On M-T-M #14..
Robin Right
M-T-M#14 Tracks
01- Traci Kennedy  "How Many Hearts"
02- Dwain Messer  "The Picture In The Mirror"
03- Gord Bamford  "Heroes"
04- Dave Brooks  "Teach Me How To Love Again"
05- Johnny Bulford "Just Like Us"
06- Billy Yates "I Don't Think Your Pretty "
07-Maggie Austin  "Rain On A Tin Roof"
08-Jon Michaels "The World Goes On"
09- Rob Russell "The Old Man"
10-Smokin' Joe Meholick "Beer Bottle Brown"
11- Robin Right "Miss The Mississippi"
12- Lilian & Manon "Christmas Is For Everyone"
13- Fernand Casas "The Road"
14- Eden Langworthy "Girls"
15- John Foster  "Read For The Sun To Shine"
16- Aimee Pettersen "I Want You To Fall"
17-Sean Patrick McGraw"Watching Somebody Else Dance"
18- JC Andersen "Sweeter Than Sugarcane"
Gord Bamford
Rob Russell
Dave Brooks
(G.W.B. Records)
(Jumpin' Johnny )
(E.L.M. Records)
Traci Kennedy
Dwain Messer
Eden Langworthy
JC Andersen
Smokin' Joe Mehlick
Sean Patrick  McGraw
(Brown Bag Music)
(M.O.D. Records)
(NorStar Records)
(Wild Horse Prod.)
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Billy Yates
Maggie Austin
Aimee Pettersen
Lilian & Manon
Jon Michaels
(Fair Play Records)
Johnny Bulford
Fernand Casas
(Raw Country Music)
(E.L.M. Records)
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