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John Foster
Featured Artists On M-T-M #15
Cissy McCaa
M-T-M#15 Tracks
01- John Foster & Tin Ridge Band "24-7-365"
02- T. Townsend with W. Jennings "If You Can't Stand The Heat"
03- Clear Blue 22  "Through With You"
04- Joel Fry  "Wiser Man Than Me"
05- John Arthur Martinez "The Armadillo Song"
06- J.C. Andersen "When The Tide Rolls In "
07-Face 2 Face  "Take My Heart"
08-Traci Kennedy "Kiss Me Now"
09- Marc Christian "Mathew James"
10-Aimee Pettersen  "I Want You To Fall"
11- Paulette Miechle "Midnight To Cinderella"
12- Jerry Schickling  "It's A Good Thing"
13- Cissy McCaa "Only One"
14- Claude Davis "Country Church"
15- Amanda White  "A Good Woman To Love"
16- Fletcher Jowers  "There's Not A Cow In Texas"
17-Shane Warner "Without Penny"
18- Mark & Kimberlee "One Last Dance
19- Smokin' Joe Meholick "Ticket Home"
Clear Blue 22
Joel Fry
Face 2 Face
(Lone Pine)
(Jumpin' Johnny )
Traci Kennedy
Tommy Townsend
JC Andersen
Smokin' Joe Mehlick
Jerry Schickling
(Brown Bag Music)
(NorStar Records)
(Wild Horse Prod.)
(Sully Boy)
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John Arthur Martinez
Aimee Pettersen
Fletcher Jowers
Marc Christian
(Pistol Hill)
Mark & Kimberlee
Paulette Miechle
(Right Track)
(Home Records)
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Shane Warner