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Mark Trail Music
P.O. Box 23401
Nashville,Tennessee 37202
John Foster &
The Tin Ridge Band
Featured Artists On M-T-M #16
Cissy McCaa
M-T-M#16 Tracks
01- Randy Archer "Just As Crazy"
02- Rustie Blue  "Oh Baby"
03- Billy Yates  "The Circus Is Over"
04- Pete Schlegel  "You Can't Bring Her Back"
05- Willie Mack "On Again Off Again"
06- Aimee Pettersen "Can't Stop Me "
07-Codie Prevost  "The Road Ahead"
08-Jon Michaels "I Hear A Clock"
09- Foster-Martin Band "Let's Go Dancing"
10-Aaron Kelly  "Hey Baby"
11- J.C. Andersen "All Along"
12- Face 2 Face  "He's A Hero"
13-Tin Ridge Band  "Goodbye Baby Blue"
14- Cissy McCaa "I Want It Like It Use To Be"
15- Gisele  "Lonesome Town"
16- Fletcher Jowers  "A Cowboy Lullaby"
17-Shane Powell  "Ready For The Sun To Shine"
18- Jana Kay "A Life Less Ordinary"
Billy Yates
Face 2 Face
(Cherry Bend )
Randy Archer
Codie Prevost
JC Andersen
Aaron Kelly
(M.O.D. Records)
(NorStar Records)
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Jana Kay
Aimee Pettersen
Fletcher Jowers
(Pistol Hill)
Pete Schlegel
Foster Martin Band
Willie Mack
Jon Michaels
Rustie Blue
Shane Powell
(Rev Disc)
(Check Please)
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