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Trail Maker Music, BMI

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Mark Trail Music
P.O. Box 23401
Nashville,Tennessee 37202
John Foster &
The Tin Ridge Band
Featured Artists on M-T-M #17
Cissy McCaa
M-T-M#17 Tracks
01- Tommy Townsend "Holes In My Boots"
02- Randy Archer  "What's Not There"
03- Tin Ridge Band  "My Love Won't Ever Changer"
04- Clear Blue 22  "This One's For What's His Name"
05- Billy Yates "Roxanne's Bayou"
06- JT Austin  "Back To The Farm"
07-Sylvia  "Watching Life  With the Sound Turned Down"
08-Codie Prevost "He's Not Me"
09- J. Ron Thompson & The Carter Boys "Cripple Creek"
10-J.C. Andersen  "The Girl Who Broke Joes Heart"
11- Patrick Riley "Charlotte Grove"
12- Cissy McCaa  "Easy Train"
13-Fletcher Jowers "Trail Drive"
14- Aaron Kelly  "Daddy Come Home"
15- Rustie Blue "Trouble"
16-Marc Christian  "Between Here and There"
17-Aimee Pettersen  "Can't Stop Me"
18- John Foster "Slow Like Quicksand"
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Billy Yates
Randy Archer
Codie Prevost
JC Andersen
Aaron Kelly
(M.O.D. Records)
(NorStar Records)
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Aimee Pettersen
(Red Pony)
Fletcher Jowers
(Pistol Hill)
Marc Christian
(Sully Boy)
Tommy Townsend
J Ron Thompson &
The Carter Boys
Rustie Blue
Patrick Riley
Clear Blue 22