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John Foster &
The Tin Ridge Band
Featured Artists on M-T-M #18
Cissy McCaa
M-T-M#18 Tracks
01- Buck Jones "You Only Call Me When Your Drunk"
02- Foster Martin Band "I Need You Tonight"
03- Randy Archer  "Shots In The Dark"
04- Sherida Eastman  "When You Start Talkin'"
05- J.C. Andersen "Leanin'"
06- John Arthur Martinez  "The River Of Love / El Rio Amor"
07-Codie Prevost "A Million Miles Away"
08- Face 2 Face "Cryin' Over Nothin'"
09- Jeff Taylor "Southern Influence"
10-Ray William Roldan  "Misery To Mexico"
11- Roy Rivers " All Caught Up"
12-  J. Ron Thompson & The Carter Boys "Shade Tree Breakdown"
13-Elvis Arron Presley Jr. "Softly"
14- Fernand Casas  "Baja Oklahoma"
15- Van Preston "Toy"
16-John Foster  "Making Good Time On The Wrong Road"
17-Cissy McCaa  "You're On The Wrong Track"
18- The Tin Ridge Band  "My Love Won't Ever Change"
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Ray William Roldan
Randy Archer
Codie Prevost
JC Andersen
John Artur Martinez
(R.W.R. Records)
(NorStar Records)
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Elvis A. Presley Jr.
Sherida Eastman
(Son Records)
Van Preston
(New Light-Western Beat)
Buck Jones
J Ron Thompson &
The Carter Boys
Foster Martin Band
Face 2 Face
Roy Rivers
Fernand Casas
(AGR Television)
Jeff Taylor
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