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John Foster &
The Tin Ridge Band
Featured Artists on M-T-M #19
Peter Dean
M-T-M#19 Tracks
01-Clear Blue 22  "The Devil In Me"
02- Randy Archer  "Shots In The Dark"
03- Jana Kay " Nothin' To Do With Love"
04- Desert Heart "Gone (But Not Forgotten)"
05- Billy Yates " Better Every Beer"
06- Shane Powell 'Swear To Me You'll Lie"
07-Beth Wimmer "Move On"
08- Sean Kristopher "Jack And Coke"
09- Aimee Pettersen "Love Happens"
10-Ray William Roldan  "Louise"
11- Karen Lynne "The Circle Is Small"
12-  Chris Gilburg "You Can't Eat That"
13-Elvis Aaron Presley Jr. "Pink Cadillac"
14- Mia "I Wanna Be The Woman"
15- Peter Dean "I Heard My Father Say"
16-Victoria  Boland "Don't Give Up On Me (Autism)"
17-The Tin Ridge Band "Love You Back Into Love"
18- Liz Daniels "It's Dawning On Me"
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Ray William Roldan
(Brown Bag)
Randy Archer
Karen Lynne
Beth Wimmer
Billy Yates
(Brown Bag)
(R.W.R. Records)
(M.O.D Records)
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Elvis A. Presley Jr.
Aimee Pettersen
(Son Records)
Chris Gilburg
Liz Daniels
Clear Blue 22
Shane Powell
Desert Heat
Sean Kristopher
(Kountreeboyz Ent.)
Jana Kay
Victoria Boland