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John Foster
Featured Artists on M-T-M #20
Rick holdin
M-T-M#20 Tracks
01-Pete Schlegel "Alcohol Abuse"
02- John Arthur Martinez  "Amarillo By Morning"
03- Tommy Townsend " Lesson In Loneliness"
04- Aimee Pettersen "Love Happens"
05- Johnny Bulford " A Kiss Away"
06- Jeff Taylor "Garage For Sale"
07-Rob Russell "Just Walk Away"
08- Peter & The Rowers "I'm Leavin' "
09- Chris Gilburg "What You Don't Let"
10- Ray William Roldan  "Whiskey Wantin' Chains"
11- Bob Pigott "Too Much Lust"
12- Johnny Dietrich "Just An Old Memory"
13- Cissy McCaa  "Snow Wonder"
14- Codie Prevost  "Christmas In The Country"
15- John Foster "The "W" In Christmas Love"
16- Ronnie Caywood  "Santa Isn't Santa Anymore"
17-Rick Holdin "For Christmas"
18- Sylvia "Angels We Have Heard On High"
*(Holiday Tracks 13-14-15-16-17-18)
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Ray William Roldan
(Brown Bag)
Pete Schlegel
Johnny Dietrich
John Arthur Martinez
(Cherry Bend)
(Brown Bag)
(R.W.R. Records)
(Red Pony Records)
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Rob Russell
Aimee Pettersen
(Raw Country Music)
Chris Gilburg
Tommy Townsend
Jeff Taylor
Peter & The Rowers
Johnny Bulford
Bob Pigott
Cissy McCaa
Codie Prevost
(Home Records)
Ronnie Caywood
(RC Music)