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Tin Ridge Band
Featured Artists on M-T-M #21
M-T-M#21 Tracks
01-Tracy Lawrence "Find Out Who Your Friends Are"
02- Billy Yates  "Too Country and Proud of It"
03- Desert Heat " Gonna Getcha Back"
04- Kelly Brock "Cowboy Boots and Levis"
05- Danney Ball "I Traded In My  Horse For A Harley"
06- Codie Prevost  "Shinin' River"
07-Rachel Lilliott "Picture of Love"
08- P. Riley /  D. Singletary / J. Carson "Things Are Bad "
09- Peter & The Rowers "I'm Leavin'"
10- Clear Blue 22  "Let's Go To Bed Early"
11- Tin Ridge Band "Let's Take The Weekend"
12- Ray William Roldan "Momma Knows"
13- Amanda White "Tough"
14- Cindy Lu  "My Biggest Mistake"
15- Sean Kristopher "The Lil' Things"
16- Rustie Blue  "Don't Come Cryin'"
Ray William Roldan
(Kountree Boyz Ent)
Rustie  Blue
Cindy Lu
Clear Blue 22
Kelly Brock
(AGR Tel. / Universal)
(R.W.R. Records)
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Danney Ball
Tracy Lawrence
(Song Wrangler)
Sean Kristopher
Rachel Lilliott
Billy Yates
Peter & The Rowers
Desert Heat
Patrick Riley
Codie Prevost
(Spin Red)