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John Foster
Featured Artists on M-T-M #22
M-T-M#22 Tracks
01-Adam Wayde "Long Way Back"
02- Randy Archer  "I Own This Barstool"
03- Kim McLean "Forever Everyday"
04- Sean Kristopher "The Lil' Things"
05- Rustie Blue "Before I Fall"
06- Ed Bruce  "The Tracks You Left On Me"
07-Jokers Wild Band "And The Rain"
08- Sherida Eastman "Get Lost "
09- John Foster "Short Cut Bay"
10- Pam Tillis  "Band In The Window"
11- Danney Ball "The California Earthquake Song"
12- Pete Schlegel "Give Me Summertime"
13- Cindy Lu "It's A Girl Thing"
14- Liz Daniels "Someway, Somehow, Someday"
15- Ray Willian Roldan  "Smell Of Apples"
16- Jim Cristaldi "Walking On Water"
17- Rachel Lilliot "Georgia Heat"
18- Lisa Dudley " Angel On My Shoulder"
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Ray William Roldan
(Kountree Boyz Ent)
Rustie  Blue
Cindy Lu
Adam Wayde
Randy Archer
(AGR Tel. / Universal)
(R.W.R. Records)
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Danney Ball
Pam Tillis
(Song Wrangler)
Sean Kristopher
Rachel Lilliott
(Hippie Chick Twang)
Kim McLean
Jim Cristaldi
Ed Bruce
(Music Row Talent)
(Spin Red)
(Spin Red)
Sherida Eastman
Lisa Dudley
Liz Daniels
Pete Schlegel
Jokers Wild Band
(Steinbrenner Music)
(Scorpio Productions)
(Cherry Bend)
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