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John Foster
Featured Artists on M-T-M #24
M-T-M#24 Tracks
01-Tommy Townsend "Southern Man"
02- Foster-Martin Band  "The Last Time"
03- Rachel Williams "Lonely At The Bottom"
04- JC Andersen  "When The Tide Rolls In"
05- Jokers Wild Band "Please Catch Me"
06- Lisa Dudley  "Yesterday Again"
07-Pete Schlegel  "A Place To Say Goodnight"
08- Randy Archer  "This Bus"
09- The Outlaw Bryan Burnett  "Hickory Dickory Dock"
10- Sonny Marshall  "Talkin' To The Dog"
11- Razzy Bailey "I Don't Want To Be A Stranger"
12- Jim O'Baid  "When I  Remember How To Fly"
13- Ray William Roldan "The Legacy"
14- Jim Cristaldi  "She Likes To Take It Slow"
15- Rachel Lilliott  "It's My Time"
16- John Foster  "I'd Come Runnin'"
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Ray William Roldan
JC Andersen
Rachel Williams
Lisa Dudley
(Cherry Bend )
(R.W.R. Records)
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Tommy Townsend
Pete Schlegel
(Home Records)
(Jumpin' Johnny)
Jim O'baid
Rachel Lilliott
(HER Records)
Randy Archer
Jim Cristaldi
Bryan Burnett
(Scorpio Productions)
(Spin Red)
(Spin Red)
(S.O.A. Records)
Razzy Bailey
Jokers Wild Band
Sonny Marshall
Foster Martin Band
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