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John Foster
Featured Artists on M-T-M #25
M-T-M#25 Tracks
01-Sherida Eastman " If Leavin' Leaves You Lonely"
02- P.J. Price  "Movin On"
03- Billy Yates "Happy"
04- Sharmian "I Drank Myself To Bed"
05- Desert Heat "Tail Lights &  Love"
06- Rachel Williams  "How Does It Feel"
07-Lisa Dudley  "City Of Light"
08- Dick Barnes  "North Carolina.... The Place To Be"
09- Ray William Roldan  "Pullin' The Road"
10-Kim McLean  "All About Us"
11- Michael J. Ramplin "Johnny Cash Led Men To Jesusr"
12- Bill Durham  "I'm Still Missing You"
13- Rachel Lilliott  "Have You Ever Wondered"
14- John Foster  "West Of The Rockies"
15- Jim Cristaldi  "Stayed"
16- Tess Reyes "Saying Goodbye"
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Ray William Roldan
Bill Durham
Rachel Williams
Lisa Dudley
(Bull Records)
(M.O.D )
(R.W.R. Records)
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(Sharmian Records)
Sherida Eastman
Billy Yates
(Eastbound Prod.)
(Jumpin' Johnny)
Michael J. Ramplin
Rachel Lilliott
(HER Records)
Jim Cristaldi
P.J. Price
(Spin Red)
(Spin Red)
(TriStone Records)
Tess Reyes
Kim McLean
Dick Barnes
Desert Heat
(Hot Star)
(DH Records)
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