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John Foster
Featured Artists on M-T-M #28
M-T-M #28 Tracks
01- Billy Yates "Like A Radio"
02-Pete Schlegel  "That's The Way I Love You"
03- Tonya Kennedy "The Next 30 Years"
04- Cody McCarver "Tonights The Night"
05- Sarah Beth Keeley "How Much"
06- Codie Prevost "Spin"
07-Peter & The Rowers with Joe Diffie "Long Gone Loner"
08- Ray William Roldan "Cowboy Cadillac"
09- Ronnie Caywood "I'm The Man"
10-Razzy Bailey  "Have You Ever Loved A Woman"
11- Kristynna Bailey "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry"
12- Billy Chernoff "My Sweet Loves Arms"
13- Michael J. Ramplin "One Day"
14- Dick Barnes "Buggerman"
15- Rachel Lilliott "Picture Of Love"
16- Jim Cristaldi  "Seeing You"
17- John Foster "Ready For The Sun To Shine"
18- Jeff Taylor "In This Little Town"
Ray William Roldan
Pete Schlegel
Razzy Bailey
Sarah Beth Keeley
(Cherry Bend)
(R.W.R. Records)
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(PLC Records)
Billy Chernoff
Billy Yates
(Spotted Pony)
(Jumpin' Johnny)
Codie Prevost
Rachel Lilliott
(S.O.A. Records)
Cody  McCarver
Jim Cristaldi
Tonya Kennedy
(Spin Red)
(S.O.A. Records)
Kristynna Bailey
Michael J. Ramplin
Dick Barnes
Ronnie Caywood
(Hot Star)
(R C Music)
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(Spin Red)
(Bearfootinit Prod,)
Peter & The Rowers
Jeff Taylor
(Row Records)
(S.T.P. Records)