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Sean K
Featured Artists on M-T-M #29
M-T-M #29 Tracks
01- Paul Street "Breathe Love In"
02- Foster Martin Band "A Little Country Rockin'"
03- Guylene "Gradually"
04- Ed Bentley "Common Ground"
05-Peter & The Rowers with Joe Diffie "Long Gone Loner"
06- Desert Heat "Anywhere But You"
07- Sean K "Country Thru N Thru"
08- Lisa Dudley "Back To The Land"
09- David Alter "Legend In The World-Jesse James"
10-Denni Lee Hayes "Last Night As Single"
11- Razzy Bailey "If I Can't Hold You"
12- Jerry Croston "Till It Gets Me Down"
13- Kristynna Bailey "When Nobody's Watching Her"
14- Tracy Stefans "Country Rock Star"
15-Billy Chernoff "When You Find That Special Woman"
16- Ernie Oldfield "Jacky Joker"
17- Jim Cristaldi "Sunday Driving"
18- JC Andersen " Nobody Does Nothin"
Paul Street
Tracy Stefans
Razzy Bailey
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Billy Chernoff
JC Andersen
(Spotted Pony)
(KBE/Pyramid - Fontana
Jerry Croston
Denni Lee Hayes
(S.O.A. Records)
David Alter
Jim Cristaldi
Lisa Dudley
(Spin Red)
(S.O.A. Records)
Kristynna Bailey
Desert Heat
Ed Bentley
Foster Martin Band
(WIR Records)
Peter & The Rowers
Ernie Oldfield
(Row Records)
(S.O.A. Records)
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