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Billy Ryan
Featured Artists on M-T-M #30
M-T-M #30 Tracks
01- Michael Thomas "Bonafide Country Boys"
02- Billy Yates "Take Me Back & Keep Me There"
03- JC Andersen "Nobody Does Nothin'"
04- Rustie Blue "One Hot Summer Ago"
05- Billy Ryan "'Less I'm Lovin' You"
06- The Broussards "Sugar Cane Kiss"
07- Greg McDougal with Tammy Cochran "Lovin' You"
08- Leon Venerable "American Farmer"
09- Rick Monroe "Honky Tonk Road Trip"
10- David Kroll "What Makes A Man A Man"
11- Lisa Dudley "Louisiana Boy"
12- Ed Bentley "Hank & The Boys"
13- Jerry Croston "Darlin' Blue Eyes"
14- Bill Durham "Mississippi Lady"
15-Ray William Roldan "Montana"
16- Ernie Oldfield "I Got What I Am"
17- John Foster "Come Into My Love"
18- JIm & Rachel Cristaldi "You're So Beautiful"
David Kroll
Bill Durham
John Foster
Rustie Blue
(Bull Records)
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JC Andersen
Jerry Croston
Billy Yates
Jim & Rachel
Lisa Dudley
(Spin Red)
The Broussards
Rick Monroe
Ed Bentley
(Severe Records)
Michael Thomas
(WIR Records)
Leon Venerable
Ernie Oldfield
(S.O.A. Records)
(Smokin' Grapes)
(Smokin' Grapes)
Tammy Cochran
Greg McDougal
(Smokin' Grapes)
Ray William Roldan
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