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Deborah Allen
"Best of Deborah Allen"
Stephanie Thomson
"Modern Day Attraction"
John Berry
"I Give My Heart"
John Foster
"The Lost Nashville Chronicles"
Billy Yates
"That's Why I Run"
Willie Mack
"Average Guy"
   John Foster's  "The Lost Nashville Chronicles" A great collection songs displaying Johns great vocal talent... As an accomplished multi-talented  Artist / Musician / Songwriter, John has played and sang with Charlie Daniels, Sammy Kershaw, The Beach Boys, Steve Holy and many more.. He has had numorous songs recorded by various artists..  While still working with major artists, John is also performing on his own and has a released this CD of songs displaying many of his talents... This CD features some awesome tracks including, "Ready for the Sun to Shine",  "After Hours", "Blue Ridge Born" to name a few..This  CD can be previewed and purchased at  www.johnfostermusic.com
Jana Kay
"Jana Kay"
Pete Schlegel
"Strong Stuff"
Rustie Blue
"Stronger Than Steel"
Clear Blue 22
"Wild In The West"
Fletcher Jowers
"Church At the Wagon"
Ernie Couch & Revival
"Ridin' Fast"
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Buck Jones
"Lucky Star"
Aimee Pettersen
"Living Proof"
Chase Tyler
"Cut To The Chase"
Cissy McCaa
"Hallowed Be Thy Name"
The Tin Ridge Band
"Tin Ridge Band"
Traci Kennedy
"How Many Hearts"
"Where In The World"
Casey Rivers
"Casey Rivers"
Ronnie Caywood
"Bringing It Back"
JC Andersen
"When The Tide Rolls In"
Ed Bruce
"This Old Hatr"
Gord Bamford
"Gord Bamford"
Sean Patrick McGraw
"Songs for a Saturday Night"
Jon Michaels
"I Am What I Am"
Sean Kristopher
"Lil Things"
  JC Andersen's "When The Tide Rolls In" Maybe I'm prejudice cause I was honored to cowrite the title track for this CD with JC and Marc Christian, but I believe this a great CD by a newcomer that is making waves.. not only for his music but his humbleness as an artist and person..The CD was produced by Ted Hewitt an award winning songwriter and major label producer.. JC  is a singer / songwriter that hails from Norway was raised in the USA  and now  lives in Nashville TN..  A few outstanding tracks include the title cut "When The Tide Rolls In", "A Kiss Away",  "Lean in" and his hot single "Sweeter Than Sugarcane"..This CD can be previewed and purchased at www.jcandersen.com
Pete Schlegel
"I'm Not Listening"
Tommy Townsend
"Southern Man"
Randy Archer
"Shots In The Dark"
Foster Martin Band
"What A Party"
Desert Heat
"Tail Lights & Love"
John Arthur Martinez
"Lone Starry Night"
Ray William Roldan
"In California Country"
Jeff Taylor
"Southern Influence"
Dick Barnes
"Good Ol' Country"
"Tracy Lawrence"
"For The Love"
Pam Tillis
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"Slow Train"
Danni Leigh
"Masquerade Of A Fool"
Billy Chernoff
"A Better Way"
Tommy Brandt
"Hook Line & Sinker"
Kim Mclean
"Happy Face"
Cody McCarver
"Cody McCarver"
Michael Thomas
"Bonafide Country Boys"
Leon Venerable
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"Angels Will Carry You Home"
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"I've Got The Song"
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"Rockin' In The Country"
"Gari Geiselman"
"Touching The Eifel Tower"