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Various Country Music Charts:
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Welcome To My Charts & Playlists Page!
This page is an excellent resource page that contains links to various U.S. 
& world country music major and independent charts,  playlists & message boards ...
Dutch Country DJ Association
E.C.M.A. Playlist (Europe)
European Country Message Board
Jolly Roger Radio (Ireland)
Danish Country DJ's Association
Power Source Weekly Top 20
( Power Source Magazine Charts )
( European Country Music Assoc. Charts )
Country Music News Top 10
( Canadian CMN Magazine Top 10 )
C.M.A.A Country Charts
( Country Music Association of Australia )
Twangtown Worldwide DJ Playlist
TEXAS Music Chart
( Texas & Southwest Country Chart )
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( Just Click on any link below )
Americana Music Top 40
( Americana Music Association Chart )
M-T-M / Country Radio Disc
( Top 30 Counrty Chart )
Roots Music Report
( Country Airplay Chart )
Australia Weekly Top 30
( Australian weekly top 30 chart )
Dave Schmidt's Top 10
( U.S. Country Chart)
Country Music News Top 10
( Canadian CMN Magazine Top 10 )
CMA Charts Deutschland
( Country Music Airplay Germany)
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M-T-M Nashville Country Music Playlist Board
Center Stage Productions Message Board
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