"Follow That Dream Parkway"
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Everyday I learn more and more, the biggest thing I have found in life is you have to be real..Be real in who you are and what you are about.. Never forget your roots.. Be sincere and people will notice.... Everyday I am Thankful for my family,  friends and everyone I have been given the opportunity to meet, work with, and learn from...Smile and may your dreams come true!
:o) Mark
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2005 M-T-M Showcase photos
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announced she was nominated for CMA "Female Vocalist of the Year" How cool is that?.:o)
"Long Gone Loner"
co-written by
Mark Trail,
Peter Dula,
Fank Jana,
Ron Mattox
I got to
hangout at a    demo recording session at Curb
featuring Artist Terri Clark the
day it was       
"Loud and Loco"
Written by:
Gilles Godard / Willie Mack /  Mark Trail
*all rights reserved
To Listen:
Congrats to
Aimee Pettersen
on her great performance of "Loud and Loco" on "Good Morning Canada" aired nationwide in Canada on
Sang By:
Nicole Witt
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M-T-M Country Radio Disc
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Canadian Country music legend & 2 time Juno winner Eddie Eastman recorded and released to radio "Mexico In Our Backyard" written by Mark Trail, Gilles Godard and Eddie Eastman ..:o)
Terri Clark &  Mark Trail
     I  attended a great #1 Party at ASCAP for Terri Clark's hit single "Girls Lie Too" now ain't that the truth..lol.....:o)
Artist CD Center
(Great Showcases attended by Music Row Industry Professionals and fans alike!)
M-T-M Showcase
Aimee Pettersen
Now Booking

for July 2012
*Member CMA - CCMA - AMA
The 2012 M-T-M Showcase
Will be held on Thursday June 7th, 2012 @ 5pm during CMA Festival week at  Nashville's  legendary  Douglas Corner Cafe
"The 2006 M-T-M Showcase"
(Click here for photos and highlights)
2006 M-T-M Showcase Photos
CD Manufacturing
Canadian National
Autism Foundation
2007 M-T-M Showcase Photos
*Special Guest Hosts:
John Foster - Songwriter/Musician
Eddie Eastman - 2 time JUNO Winner
"The 2007 M-T-M Showcase"
(Click here for photos and highlights)
"The 2005 M-T-M Showcase"
(Click here for photos and highlights)
*Special Guest Appearances By:
Billy Yates - Hit Songwriter
Rick Monroe - Render Records Artist
"In This Little Town"
Written by:
Mark Trail /
Jeff Taylor
*all rights reserved
To Listen:
Sang By:

John Foster
JC Andersen's video for "When The Tide Rolls In" written by  JC Andersen, Mark Trail & Marc Christian has put JC  the finals of The Next GAC Star video contest .. Very Cool!!. Congrats JC!!...:o)
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*Selected Featured Artists:
Michael Thomas  - Jamie Thornhill  - Billy Droze - Emily Brooke
Tonya Kennedy(CA)  - Darin Warner - Stacey Zegers - Wyatt McCubbin
was  recorded as  a duet by
Joe Diffie(Epic Records Legend)
Peter Dula & the Rowers (2006 Aurel Award winner"Best European Country Band" .....:o)
#1 In Europe
"Waitin' For The Rain"
Written by:
Mark Trail /
Peter Dula / Allan Mikusek
*all rights reserved
To Listen:
Sang By:
Jeff Carson
Clear Blue 22
Reaches #62  on Music Row Breakout Charts written By: Mark Trail, Jasmine West, Paul Reyes and Gilles Godard..Congrats CB22!!!!!!
"Wild In The West"
** This is a  live acoustic showcase for  Music Row Industry Pros and Fans alike!!
"The 2008 M-T-M Showcase"
(Click here for photos and highlights)
"The 2009 M-T-M Showcase"
(Click here for photos and highlights)
" Welcome The Website of Award Winning Songwriter Mark Trail "
"Someone Else Will"
Written by: Mark Trail / Willie Mack / Michael Thomas
*all rights reserved
Sang By:
Jeff Carson
To Listen:
"The 2010 M-T-M Showcase"
(Click here for photos and highlights)
Peter Dula (Slovakia)
"Hall of Fame Award 2010" 
Presented to: Mark Trail - Joe Diffie Billy Yates - Buddy Jewell
"The 2011 M-T-M Showcase"
(Click here for photos and highlights)