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Featured Artists on M-T-M #32
M-T-M #32 Tracks
01- Deborah Allen "All That I Want"
02- Cody McCarver "Look What You've Done"
03- Gaylynn Robinson "Keeper Of The Flame"
04- Amanda Henkel "Climbing Up Mt. Everest"
05-Foster-Martin Band "What A Party"
06-Tonya Kennedy "Anything For You"
07- Coldwater Canyon "Country Girlz"
08- Lisa Dudley "Dangerous Curves"
09- Leon Venerable "Spend My Time Lovin' You"
10- David Alter "Take Me Home"
11- PJ Price "Movin' On"
12- Michael Thomas "Drowning In Her Memories"
13- Jim Cristaldi "I Never Cried"
14- Gari Geiselman "Pocket Full Of Stones"
15-John Foster "Blue Ridge Born"
16- Kim Warren "Love Me Again"
PJ Price
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  Coldwater Canyon     Deborah Allen           Cody McCarver         Amanda Henkel        Michael Thomas
Gaylynn Robinson
Kim Warren
(Spin Red)
Gari Geiselman
David Alter
(FMB Records)
Leon Venerable
Foster-Martin Band
(Jumpin' Johnny)
(Rufus Records)
(Starways Prod.)
(PLC Records)
(DoRight Records)
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(PLC Records)