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Featured Artists on M-T-M #33
M-T-M #33 Tracks
01-Michael Thomas "Speed of Life"
02- Natalia & Grasscountry "You Move Me"
03- JC Andersen "Missing Me"
04- Kim McLean "Ain't No Glory"
05- Adam Stone "Country Sunshine"
06-Lisa Dudley "Buford's Heart"
07- Billy Ryan "Different Kind of Crown"
08- Michael Kosterman "I Love Her Anyway"
09- Foster-Martin Band "What A Party"
10- Pete Schlegel "Liquer To Like Her"
11- Razzy Bailey "Hank Wrote That"
12- Leon Venerable "Where I call Home"
13- Ray William Roldan "Misery To Mexico"
14- John Foster "Handshake Town"
15-Rustie Blue "Shape Up Heart"
16- Waymore's Outlaws "Thelma"
17- Jim Cristaldi "True Love"
18- Deborah Allen & Billy Ray Cyrus
"Satisfied Woman, Satisfied Man"
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JC Andersen           Deborah Allen                Billy Ray Cyrus   Natalia & Grasscountry   Michael Thomas
Rustie Blue
Billy Ryan
(Spin Red)
Kim McLean
(Cherry Bend)
Adam Stone
Michael Kosterman                      Razzy Bailey                      Leon Venerable
Waymore's Outlaws                                      Foster-Martin Band
(Jumpin' Johnny)
(HCT Records)
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