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Featured Artists on M-T-M #34
M-T-M #34 Tracks
01-Daryle Singletary " Love You With The Lights On"
02- Michael Thomas "Nobody Else"
03- Rustie Blue "Cowgirls Do It Better"
04- John Long "I Wish I Had A Job To Shove"
05- Deborah Allen "There's A Last Time For Everything"
06- Pete Schlegel "Leavin' Ain't As Easy As It Sounds"
07- Bill Rhoads "Too Many California Memories"
08- Bill Durham "Teardrops In My Tequila"
09- Ron Thompson "Smokey Mountain Bear Race"
10- Eddie Eastman "Mexico In Our Backyard"
11- Razzy Bailey "Whiskey California"
12- Randy Archer "Shots In The Dark"
13- Jim Cristaldi "Take Me"
14- Rachel Cristaldi "I Found Me"
15-Tracy Stefans "It Happens"
16- Tin Ridge Band "In This Little Town"
17- Wild Wild Westt "Making Memories"
18- Steve Oliver "Mama's Kitchen Table"
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Daryle Singletary         Deborah Allen             Steve Oliver               Bill Rhoads                 Michael Thomas
Rustie Blue
Ron Thompson
(Spin Red)
Bill Durham
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(Cherry Bend)
Randy Archer
Eddie Eastman             Tracy Stefans                 Razzy Bailey             Wild Wild Westt
(Bull Records)
(SBS Records)
(Sharewell Records)
(Pretty World Records)
(E 1 Music)
(SOA Records)
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