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Featured Artists on M-T-M #36
M-T-M #36 Tracks
01-Cody McCarver "White Trash With Money"
02- Steve Trent & Small Town "Sounds Like A Plan"
03- Rachel Williams "Lovers & Liars"
04- Steve Oliver "Rand Dang Do"
05- Deborah Allen "Delta Dreamland"
06- Billy Ryan "When Daddy Drank"
07-Kayla Nicole "Daddy Had A Good Right Hand"
08- Glenn Reid "Another Hank Williams Night"
09- Kim Mclean "Cracks In The Concrete"
10- Michael Thomas "Cowboy Way"
11- Leon Venerable "Best Life"
12-Kim Warren "On A Good Night"
13- Jim Cristaldi "Lucky Man"
14- Foster-Martin Band "Back In My Arms Again"
15- Bill Durham "That's All She Wrote"
16- Wynn Stewart and Johnny Paycheck "Wild Side Of Life"
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Kayla Nicole          Cody McCarver         Rachel Williams         Michael Thomas          Deborah Allen
Steve Oliver
Kim Warren
Glenn Reid
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Kim Mclean
Steve Trent & Small Town      Johnny Paycheck & Wynn Stewart            Foster Martin Band
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