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Featured Artists on M-T-M #37
M-T-M #37 Tracks
01-Gary Pittman "Lovin' and Leavin'"
02- Ray Martin "The Miracle"
03- John Foster "River Of Life"
04- Will Stoltz "More Of What Matters"
05- Kim Warren "On A Good Night"
06- Jokers Wild Band "Just One Night"
07- Meah Faith "Sun Won't You Shine"
08- JC Andersen "Scars"
09- Pete Schlegel "Alcohol  Abuse"
10- Michael Thomas "Some Of Her With Me"
11- Alan Mikusek "Leavin' Bound"
12-Leon Venerable "Simple Southern Man"
13- Billy Ryan & Marty Raybon "Going Through Hell"
14- Jim & Rachel "Stand Or Crumble"
15- Deborah Allen "Rockin' Little Christmas"
16- Codie Prevost "Santa's Got A Brand New Ride"
17- Bobby Helms "I want to Go To Santa Claus Land"
18 Allen Layman "It's That Time Of Year"
19- Sylvia "A Cradle In Bethlehem"
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Gary Pittman                 Meah Faith          Michael Thomas              Deborah Allen           Allan Mikusek
Ray Martin
Kim Warren
Codie Prevost
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