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Featured Artists on M-T-M #38
M-T-M #38 Tracks
01-Steve Trent & Small Town "Turning It Up A Notch"
02- Wild Wild Westt "Bad Hair Daze"
03- Marty Raybon "Daddy Phone"
04- Brianna Grace "Apple Never Falls Far From The Tree"
05- Block Family Band "County Fair"
06- Glenn Reid " Little Voices"
07-Kenny Catoe "Fatback & Collard Greens"
08- Allan Mikusek "You Will See"
09- Gary Pittman "Good Old Days"
10- Bill Durham "My Own Sweet Time"
11- Billy Ryan "Last Waltz"
12-Bobby Helms "Stranger In The House"
13- Ron Thompson " The Souths Gonna Rise Again"
14- Razzy Bailey "Beauty Lies"
15- Kim Warren "Good Woman To Love"
16- Michael Thomas "Just A Little Country"
17- Jim & Rachel "Finding Myself"
18 Tin Ridge Band "Little Miss Pink Tank Top"
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Gary Pittman         Block Family Band      Michael Thomas           Brianna Grace           Allan Mikusek
Kenny Catoe
Kim Warren
Marty Raybon
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Razzy Bailey
Bobby Helms                       Steve Trent & Small Town                     Jim & Rachel
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