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Billy Keeble                                                                                                                                        Bobby Barnett
Featured Artists on M-T-M #39
M-T-M #39 Tracks
01-Billy Keeble "Shame On Me"
02- Tonya Kennedy with Colin Amey "When You're Gone"
03- Rustie Blue with Willie Mack "Stronger Than Steel"
04- Billy Ryan "Simpleville"
05- Foster-Martin Band "This Little Thing Called Love"
06- Deborah Allen "My Baby"
07- Jeff Taylor "Whatcha Gonna Do"
08-  Sylvia "Watching Life With The Sound Turned Down"
09- Razzy Bailey "My 'Ol Mule"
10- Meah Faith "I'll Be Walking In Your Sleep Tonight"
11- Andy Dozier "Tea Party Man"
12- Bobby Barnett "Old Frank"
13- Michael Thomas "Bonafide Country Boys"
14- Wynn Stewart "Wait Till I Get My Hands On You"
15- Jim & Rachel "Perfect Ten"
16 Tin Ridge Band "Little Miss Pink Tank Top"
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Tonya Kennedy      Michael Thomas           Rustie Blue                Willie Mack                      Meah Faith
Deborah Allen
Jeff Taylor
Razzy Bailey
Foster-Martin Band
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(SOA Records)
(Independent)                 (Independent)                    (CSP)                      (Independent)              (Pretty World Records)
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Wynn Stewart                   Billy Ryan                 Jim & Rachel
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