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The M-T-M Nashville Country Radio Disc Compilation CD is a quality, professional, digitally mastered promotional CD presented to over 600 country radio stations & music media for reviews & airplay consideration with full details of the tracks (ie:artist / writer / publisher / record label) including artist contact info on the sleeve.. Our Radio Sampler Compilation CD's  are Dj user friendly with intro & track times, etc...
   Featured artists from M-T-M #05
Razzy Bailey, Traci Kennedy(Ca), John Berry, Beth Baldridge, Joe Houck, Skyla Spencer, Michael S. Moore, John Foster, Alan Layman, Jim O'baid, Lolene, Sheb Wooley (Ben Colder), Harlee Duke, Eddie Eastman(Ca), Cindy Lu, Shelly Anglin, Brenner Brothers(Ca), Keri Lea......
(Click here for tracks / artist photos / links / from M-T-M#05)

Canadian Country Music Association
If you would like information on how to appear on our radio compilation CD
email us @
promotions@marktrailmusic.com for details & pricing info...
*This is an Artist promotional CD Service  to get your songs to radio not a record contract...
A bit of feedback from M-T-M Comps
   Mark Trail has put together another great compilation cd. A wide variety of good music which represents the many talented performers past and present..Mark Trail did an excellent job, the effort you can see by the complete quality of the cd..
                                                       - Dave Schmidt
                                                         Dave Schmidt's Super Top 10 Country newsletter-USA

     Hi Mark, I just recieved the M-T-M Compilation.. It's Great!! I am recieving several compilations from promoters and such, however M-T-M is the best I ever had!
                                                       - Tom Kawai
                                                         DJ Lonestar Productions & Cafe -Japan

     Mark Trail's CD's are great and my listeners love them!
                                                        -Dave Smith
                                                         Dave Smith's Jukebox Show -Thatchem Berkshire England

    Thank you for your CD compilation sent to me... I love all the tracks on the CD and have not found a bad one.. Well done on another good comp CD and keep up the good work.. It's because of hardworking people like yourselves that my job is made easy and enjoyable...
                                                         -Sherrl Chilcott
                                                          General Manager / Radio Great Southern- Wagin Western Australia
  You've come up with some outstanding selectrion of tracks!.. Many Thanks! There's some excellent tracks on it, I will schedule over the coming weeks and months
                                                        -Eddie O'Strange
                                                         DJ blue smoke prod./Town & Country Radio- New Zealand

   Merci.. Thanks very much for your last sending.. great album! It's a natural thing to do and a great honor to airplay this album in our weekly "Country & Bluegrass music" radio program..thank you very much and we look forward to it..
                                                     -Andr'e Leclerc
                                                      Radio Tilt FM 88.8 - Gievres, France

I am pleased to recieve your compilation CD with all those great artists.. I can say there is not a song I would not want to spin, so give your artists my best wishes & wish them good luck..
                                                     -Dann Hanson
                                                      A&R Dirrector Darkhorse Traditions-Radio DJ Roskilde Radio, Denmark

   Thanks I recieved your CD.. It's pro quality and there is some great artists! for sure I will airplay.
                                                     -Michel Gandon
                                                      Presenter Radio Galaxie 98.5FM - Beaupay, France

   The first listen..there are potential hits in this bunch..Great comp!!
                                                     -Roadhouse Vic
                                                      Host /Country Music In Exile-WGBB- Freeport,New York USA

Thanks for including me on your CD!!
                                                     -Deborah Allen
                                                      Recording Artist, (Curb) Nashville, TN www.deborahallen.com

     Hi Mark,. You obviously set standards in accepting entries for your compilations...The hardest part with this CD is picking the best of the best...
                                                      -Frank Mchugh
                                                       Country Music Broadcaster 98.9 FM, Victoria Australia

    Wow! Thanks so much for allowing Lolene to appear on this compilation with such wonderful artists. We have heard so many compilations over the last 3 years that have 4, 5 or even 6 really good tracks, and the rest are week. But yours are strong, top to bottom.. I can say without reservation that Lolene is honored to be in such oustanding company.
                                                      -Richard Cheeks
                                                       Sugar Hill Communications - Nicholasville, KY USA

     Hello Mark, I recieved your CD yesterday, what a great album that any promoter would be very proud of.. I sure look forward to taking this album to air...
                                                      -Stu Frith
                                                       Sea Breeze FM, New Zealand

    Great to hear people are listening to Sheb's music.. Thank you I am sure Sheb is smiling down on you...
                                                     -Linda Dotson
                                                      Dotson-Wooley Entertainment- Hendersonville, TN

    ..sounds like quite a few good tracks- it will certainly get some airplay from me.. Keep up the good work and most of all "Keep it country"
                                                      -Graeme Godkin
                                                       Yarra Valley FM 99.1- Victoria Australia

    Thanks for the CD, Great stuff for my radio program......
                                                     -Alex Pijnen
                                                      BRTO Radio- Holland

    Your CD's have great music, looking forward to the next..
                                                     -Edith Polaski
                                                      Presenter / Tank Radio 103.1  FM Kempsey NSW Australia

What an excellent compilation this is as the others have also been, fantastic artists and songs, where did you find all those great voices?  Whatever your doing, Keep it up! Your music is great and I will be sure to give this some airplay on my program..
                                                     -Trudy Burke
                                                      DJ/host "Make Mine Country" 88.9 WYN-FM Victoria, Australia

     You put together a great Compilation, Thanks Mark!.
                                                     -Razzy Bailey
                                                      Country Music Legend &Featured  Artist - Goodlettesville, TN
We are currently playlisting this great collection of Independent artists and their fine songs..Keep up the "Feel Good Music" it sure is radio friendly.. Cheers..
                                                     -Tony Slingsby 'Slinga'
                                                      Slinga's Radio Show- Victoria Australia

I love the comp CD, I like what you did with it..
                                                     -R.W. Shamy Jr. (www.twangcast.com)
                                                      Owner / Manager Twangcast Radio- Oragnge, VA USA

Hi Mark, Thanks for sending me the latest copy of M-T-M Compilation It's really good.. It's a great example for the quality of today's independent country music scene...
                                                     -Max W. Achatz (www.countryjukebox.de)
                                                      Host "Country Jukebox" FM Radio Munich, Germany
Bobby Dean              Ron Thompson         Steve Oliver            Leon Venerable           Jim & Rachel
If you are a country music DJ email us @ promotions@marktrailmusic.com with your program & station details and we will be glad to add you to our mailing list...
**M-T-M Compilation CD is for promotional use only and not for resale...
Featured Artists from M-T-M #06
Deborah Allen, Razzy Bailey, Traci Kennedy(Ca), Tin Ridge Band, John Foster, Stephanie Thomson(Ca), Justin Barret, Keri Lea, Joe Houck, Bobby Cash(Ind), Cindy Lu, Billy Bridge(Au), Beth Baldrige, Destry, Eddie Eastman(Ca), Michael S. Moore, Skyla Spencer, Marc Christian, Harlee Duke..
(Click here for tracks / artist photos / links from M-T-M#06)
Featured Artists on M-T-M #40
M-T-M #40 Tracks
01-Michael Thomas "Speed Of Life"
02- McKinley and Beggs "Too Many Horses"
03- Brother Slade "Tom Petty Song"
04- Coldwater Canyon Band "Nobody Knows"
05- Steve Oliver "Lefty"
06- Bobby Dean "Enough To Leave"
07- Glenn Reid "Sing Like Johnny Cash"
08-  The Bum Steers "Peek-A-Boo"
09- Claude Davis "But You Will"
10- John Long "Bring Country Back"
11- Leon Venerable "Gone To Heaven"
12- Michael Lonstar "Song For An Unwanted Woman"
13- Ron Thompson "Make Believe"
14- The Two Timers "Promise Me, Poison Me"
15- Razzy Bailey "Louisianna Lullaby"
16-  Bill Durham "Southern Lady"
17- Jim  & Rachel "Put Your Love On"
18- Jack Greene & George Jones " Two Old Cats Like Us"
Featured Artists from M-T-M #07
The Wilkinsons(Ca), John Berry, Traci Kennedy(Ca), Tin Ridge Band, Maggie Austin, John Foster, Stephanie Thomson(Ca),Graham Rodger(Au), Jennifer Marino(Ca), Ken Wheat, J.T. Austin,  Marc Christian, Bill Durham, Willie Mack, Harlee Duke, Justin Barret,  Anthony Finney, Brian Welch, Jimbeau Hinson....
(Click here for tracks / artist photos / links from M-T-M #07)
Mark Trail is a Member of
Country Music Association
Featured Artists From M-T-M #08
Deborah Allen, John Foster, Tin Ridge Band, J.T. Austin, Chase Tyler, Marc Christian, Jaclynn T. Brown, Rick Holt, Amanda White, Anthony Finney, Brian Welch, J.C. Andersen, Aimee Pettersen(Ca), Eddie Eastman(Ca), Cissy McCaa, Lindsey Ridener, Razzy Bailey, Ken Wheat, Mark Holt & Kimberlee Holt Tully.....
(Click here for tracks / artist photos / links from M-T-M #08)
*We are very selective about the tracks we will allow on our compilations...
**See below for a bit of industry feedback on M-T-M Comp CD's
***M-T-M Radio Compilation CD's are archived by the
"Country Music Hall Of Fame"
Featured Artists From M-T-M #09:
Pete Schlegel, Aimee Pettersen (Ca), Razzy Bailey, Stephanie Thomson(Ca), Ernie Ashworth, John Foster, Cissy McCaa, Tin Ridge Band, Jim Russ, Sally Burgess (NZ),  Marc Christian, Maggie Austin, Dennis Hillebrand, Jerry Lindsey, Shane Warner (NZ), Traci Kennedy (Ca), Cornel Dyke(Ca), Brian Welch, Travis Woodruff.....
(Click here for tracks / audio samples / artist photos / links from M-T-M #09)
Featured Artists From M-T-M #10:
Deborah Allen, Ernie Couch & Revival with George Jones, John Foster, Fletcher Jowers, Pete Schlegel, Ronny Miller, Arly Karlsen(Nor), Grady Nations, Cissy McCaa, Shane Powell, Tin Ridge Band, Ronnie Caywood, Ian Lehti(CA), Joel Fry, Rick Holdin, Rustie Blue, Billy Yates, Willie Mack, Clear Blue 22...
(Click here for tracks / audio samples / artist photos / links from M-T-M #10)
Featured Artists From M-T-M #11:
Jerry Reed, John Foster, Aimee Pettersen(CA), Marc Christian, Razzy Bailey duet with Johnny Cash, Ronnie Caywood, Justin Barret, Cissy McCaa, Jerry Lindsey, Rick Holt, Tin Ridge Band, Shane Warner(NZ), Jimmie Wilson, Pete Schlegel, Fletcher Jowers, JC Andersen, Barbara Sharp, Justin David...
(Click here for tracks / audio samples / artist photos / links from M-T-M #11)
(To Listen to Samples Click on Track )
J. Greene & G. Jones   Michael Thomas     The Two Timers   McKinley and Beggs           Glenn Reid
Featured Artists From M-T-M #12
Sylvia, Eddie Eastman(CA), John Foster, Cornel Dyke(CA), Billy Yates, Clear Blue 22, Cissy McCaa,
Country Mile, Patrick Riley, Lance Chistopher, Razzy Bailey duet with Willie Nelson, Rustie Blue,
Ronnie Caywood, Mike Dunbar, Shane Powell, Fletcher Jowers, Aimee Pettersen, Bill Durham..

(Click here for tracks / audio samples / artist photos / links from M-T-M #12)
Featured Artists From M-T-M#13
John Foster, 4Runner, Shane Powell, Willie Mack, Aimee Pettersen(CA), Lucie Diamond(UK) duet with Arly Karlsen(NOR), Fletcher Jowers, Rustie Blue, Marc Christian, Jerry Lindsey, Deborah Allen, Patrick Riley, Sarah Beth Keeley, Mike Dekle, Cissy McCaa, Allen Layman, Ronnie Caywood duet with Pauline Reese, Pete Schlegel.....
(Click here for tracks / audio samples / artist photos / links from M-T-M #13)
John Berry, Razzy Bailey, Cissy McCaa, Chris Young, Deborah Allen, Stephanie Thomson(CA), Sylvia John Arthur Martinez, Jon Michaels, Kathy Fowler, Leigh Newton(AU), Rustie Blue, Allen Layman,  Paulette Miechle, Shane Warner(NZ), Aimee Petersen(CA), Tresa Street, Mark E. Johnson...
(Click here for tracks / audio samples / artist photos / links from M-T-M2005 CS)
Featured Artists From M-T-M#14
Billy Yates, Traci Kennedy(CA), JC Andersen, Maggie Austin, Dave Brooks, Fernand Casas (IT), John Foster, Gord Bamford(CA), Eden Langworthy, Jon Michaels, Dwain Messer, Rob Russell, Lilian & Manon(CA), Johnny Bulford, Robin Right, Smokin' Joe Meholick, Aimee Pettersen(CA), Sean Patrick McGraw...
(Click here for tracks / audio samples / artist photos / links from M-T-M #14)
Mark Trail and Dave Schmidt(Dave Schmidt's Super Top 10) Present:
Featured Artists from M-T-M#15
Joel Fry, John Foster with Tin Ridge Band, JC Andersen, Shane Warner(NZ), Traci Kennedy(CA), Mark & Kimberlee Holt, Cissy McCaa, Face 2 Face(CA), Amanda White, John Arthur Martinez,Aimee Pettersen(,CA), Clear Blue 22, Claude Davis, Jerry Schickling, Paulette Miechle, Smokin' Joe Meholick,  Marc Christian,  Fletcher Jowers, Tommy Townsend (With Special Guest Waylon Jennings)...
(Click here for tracks / audio samples / artist photos / links from M-T-M #15)
Featured Artists from M-T-M#16
Billy Yates, Randy Archer, John Foster& the Tin Ridge Band, Rustie Blue, Jon Michaels, Aimee Pettersen (CA), Codie Prevost(CA),  Willie Mack, Foster-Martin Band(CA), Pete Schlegel, JC Andersen, Gisele, Jana Kay,
Fletcher Jowers, Cissy McCaa, Face 2 Face(CA), Aaron Kelly, Shane Powell....
(Click here for tracks / audio samples / artist photos / links from M-T-M #16)
Featured Artists from M-T-M#17
Randy Archer, Tommy Townsend with Waylon Jennings, Sylvia, John Foster, Cissy McCaa, The Tin Ridge Band, Fletcher Jowers, Billy Yates,  Aimee Pettersen(CA), Aaron Kelly, Rustie Blue, JC Andersen, Patrick Riley,
Marc Christian,JT Austin, J Ron Thompson & the Carter Boys, Clear Blue 22, Codie Prevost(CA)....
(Click here for tracks / audio samples / artist photos / links from M-T-M #17)
John Long
Featured Artists from M-T-M#18
John Foster, John Arthur Martinez, Codie Prevost(CA)Randy Archer, Face 2 Face(CA) J Ron Thompson & The Carter Boys, Roy Rivers(Germany), Van Preston, JC Andersen,  Foster-Martin Band(CA), Fernand Casas(IT), Ray William Roldan, Elvis Aaron Presley Jr., The Tin Ridge Band, Cissy McCaa, Jeff Taylor, Sherida(CA), Buck Jones...
(Click here for tracks / audio samples / artist photos / links from M-T-M #18)
Featured Artists from M-T-M#19
Desert Heat(CA), John Foster, Randy Archer, Elvis Aaron Presley Jr., The Tin Ridge Band, Shane Powell,
Billy Yates, Aimee Pettersen(CA), Ray William Roldan, Beth Wimmer, Sean Kristopher, Victoria Boland(CA),
Chris Gilburg(CA), Mia(UK), Jana Kay, Clear Blue 22, Peter Dean(UK), Karen Lynne(AUS), Liz Daniels......
(Click here for tracks / audio samples / artist photos / links from M-T-M #19)
Bill Durham
Featured Artists From M-T-M#20
John Foster, Pete Schlegel, Codie Prevost(CA), Sylvia, John Arthur Martinez, Jeff Taylor, Cissy McCaa, Chris Gilburg(CA), Rob Russell(CA),Tommy Townsend, Ray William Roldan, Rick Holdin, Johnny Dietrich(CA), Aimee Pettersen(CA), Johnny Bulford, Ronnie Caywood, Bob Pigott(AU), Peter Dula & The Rowers(EU)..
(Click here for tracks / audio samples / artist photos / links from M-T-M #20)
Featured Artists From M-T-M#21
Tracy Lawrence, Codie Prevost(CA), Patrick Riley with Jeff Carson & Darlye Singletary, Kelly Brock(CA),
The Tin Ridge Band, Desert Heat(CA),  Danney Ball, Rustie Blue, Peter & The Rowers(EU), Cindy Lu, Billy Yates, Ray William Roldan, Rachel Lilliott, Amanda White, Sean Krsitopher, Clear Blue 22....
(Click here for tracks / audio samples / artist photos / links from M-T-M #21)
Featured Artists From M-T-M#22
Randy Archer, Ed Bruce, Pam Tillis, Pete Schlegel, Kim Mclean, Lisa Dudley, Jim Cristaldi,
Danney Ball, John Foster, Cindy Lu, Ray William Roldan, Rachel Lilliott, Liz Daniels, Sean Kristopher,
Jokers Wild Band, Rustie Blue, Adam Wayde,  Sherida Eastman...
(Click here for tracks / audio samples / artist photos / links from M-T-M #22)
Featured Artists From M-T-M#23
Danni Leigh, Face 2 Face(CA), Sylvia, John Arthur Martinez, Patrick Riley, Bradley West,
Walter Hammond, Chris Gilburg(CA),Chase Tyler, Ray William Roldan, Billy Chernoff(CA),
The Tin Ridge Band, Razzy Bailey, Codie Prevost(CA), Rachel Lilliot, Jim Cristaldi, John Foster..
(Click here for tracks / audio samples / artist photos / links from M-T-M #23)
Michael Lonstar
Featured Artists From M-T-M #24
Tommy Townsend, John Foster, Sonny Marshall, Lisa Dudley, Jokers Wild Band, Rachel Williams,
Randy Archer, The Foster Martin Band(CA), Ray William Roldan, Jim O'Baid, Jim Cristaldi,
Razzy Bailey, Rachel Lilliott, Bryan Burnett, JC Andersen, Pete Schlegel....
(Click here for tracks / audio samples / artist photos / links from M-T-M #24)
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Featured Artists From M-T-M #25
Rachel Williams, John Foster, Billy Yates, Lisa Dudley, Ray William Roldan, Sharmian, P.J. Price,
Bill Durham, Dick Barnes, Jim Cristaldi, Rachel Lilliott, Sherida Eastman(CA), Desert Heat(CA),
Kim Mclean, Michael J. Ramplin(UK), Tess Reyes..
(Click here for tracks / audio samples / artist photos / links from M-T-M #25)
Featured Artists From M-T-M #26
Lisa Dudley - John Foster -  Razzy Bailey -  Jim Cristaldi- Billy Yates -J.C. Andersen -  Rick Monroe
Ray William Roldan - Kristynna Bailey - Jeff Taylor - Dick Barnes - Randy Archer - Desert Heat(CA) - Pete Schlegel - P.J. Price - Marc Christian - Kim Mclean, Michael J. Ramplin(UK), Tess Reyes..
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Featured Artists From M-T-M #28
Rachel Lilliott - John Foster - Billy Yates - Jeff Taylor - Peter Dula & the Rowers with Joe Diffie
Billy Chernoff(CA) - Razzy Bailey  - Jim Cristaldi -  Cody McCarver - Sarah Beth Keeley(CA)
Tonya Kennedy(CA) - Codie Prevost(CA) - Pete Schlegel  - Ronnie Caywood - Michael J.  Ramplin(UK)
Kristynna Bailey - Dick Barnes - Ray William Roldan
(Click here for tracks / audio samples / artist photos / links from M-T-M #28)
Razzy Bailey
Featured Artists From M-T-M #27
Chase Tyler - Face 2 Face(CA) - Lisa Dudley - Danney Ball - John Foster - The Tin Ridge Band
P.J. Price - Razzy Bailey - Billy Chernoff(CA) - Kristynna Bailey - Jerry Croston
Dick Barnes - Ray William Roldan - Rachel Lilliott - Jim Cristaldi - JC Andersen
(Click here for tracks / audio samples / artist photos / links from M-T-M #27)
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Featured Artists From M-T-M #29
Paul Street - JC Andersen  -  Razzy Bailey - Denni Lee Hayes(CA) - Ed Bentley - Ernie Oldfield(EU) - Foster-Martin Band(CA) - David Alter(CA) - Billy Chernoff(CA)  - Peter Dula & the Rowers with Joe Diffie -Tracy Stefans
Jim Cristaldi - Lisa Dudley - Jerrry Croston - Desert Heat(CA) - Guylene(CA) - Sean K -  Kristynna Bailey
(Click here for tracks / audio samples / artist photos / links from M-T-M #29)
Featured Artists From M-T-M #30
Rick Monroe - John Foster - Bill Durham - Billy Yates - The Broussards - Billy Ryan - Leon Venerable - Lisa Dudley
Ed Bentley - Jerry Croston - Ernie Oldfield(EU) - Rustie Blue - Greg McDougal with Tammy Cochran
Michael Thomas - David Kroll - JC Andersen - Ray William Roldan - Jim & Rachel
(Click here for tracks / audio samples / artist photos / links from M-T-M #30)
The 2010 M-T-M Artist Showcase
held on Thursday June 10th, 2010 @ 5:00pm during CMA Festival week at  Nashville's  legendary  Douglas Corner Cafe
* A great live showcase for Music Row industry pros and fans alike!!!
(Pretty World Records)
(Bull Records)
Featured Artists From M-T-M #31
Casey Rivers - Razzy Bailey - Jennifer Brantley -  Billy Chernoff(CA) -  Leon Venerable - Lisa Dudley
Michael Kosterman(CA) - P.J. Price - Paul Street - Nancy Mareen(EU) - JC Andersen - Rachel Cristaldi
Jim Cristaldi - Billy Yates - Pete Schlegel  - John Foster - DJ Gleason - Ken Byford
(Click here for tracks / audio samples / artist photos / links from MTM#31)
Featured Artists From M-T-M #33
Rustie Blue - John Foster - Deborah Allen & Billy Ray Cyrus - JC Andersen - Lisa Dudley -  Michael Thomas
Kim McLean - Adam Stone - Razzy Bailey - Billy Ryan - Natalia & Grasscountry(EU) - Foster-Martin Band(CA)
Leon Venerable- Pete Schlegel -Michael Kosterman(CA) - Tommy Townsend  - Ray William Roldan - Jim Cristaldi
(Click here for tracks / audio samples / artist photos / links from MTM#33)
(SOA Records)
Featured Artists From M-T-M #32
Deborah Allen - Foster Martin Band(CA) - Kim Warren - Gaylynn Robinson - John Foster  -  Leon Venerable
Lisa Dudley - Cody McCarver - Amanda Henkel - David Alter(CA) - Gari Geiselman - Jim Cristaldi - PJ Price
Coldwater Canyon - Tonya  Kennedy(CA) - Michael Thomas
(Click here for tracks / audio samples / artist photos / links from MTM#32)
(Pretty World Records)           (Independent)       (Billy Block Presents)        (Radio Records)            (Bambrick Records)
Featured Artists From M-T-M#37
Gary Pittman - Leon Venerable - Deborah Allen - JC Andersen -  Michael Thomas - Ray Martin(CA)
Codie PrevostCA) - Jim & Rachel  - Billy Ryan with Marty Raybon - Kim Warren - John Foster - Will Stoltz
Meah Faith - Allen Layman - Bobby Helms - Sylvia - Allan Mikusek(SK) - Pete Schlegel - Jokers Wild Band
(Click here for tracks / audio samples / artist photos / links from MTM#37)
Featured Artists From M-T-M #34
Daryle Singletary - Deborah Allen - Rustie Blue - Michael Thomas - Steve Oliver - Razzy Bailey
Pete Schlegel - Bill Rhoads - Eddie Eastman - The Tin Ridge Band - John Long - Randy Archer
Tracy Stefans - Wild Wild Westt - Bill Durham - Ron Thompson - Rachel Cristaldi - Jim Cristaldi
(Click here for tracks / audio samples / artist photos / links from MTM#34)
(Pretty World Records)       (Independent)         (Pretty World Records)         (Parnell Creek)                  (Independent)
Featured Artists From M-T-M #35
The Two Timers - Leon Venerable - Deborah Allen - KC Johns -  Michael Thomas - Karen Newsum - Bill Rhoads
Pete Schlegel - Rachel Williams - The Tin Ridge Band - Gari Geiselman - David Alter(CA) - Johnny Sands
Wild Wild Westt - Foster Martin Band(CA) -  Ron Thompson -Jim Cristaldi - Peter & The Rowers with Bil
ly Ryan
(Click here for tracks / audio samples / artist photos / links from MTM#35)
Featured Artists From  M-T-M #36
Cody McCarver - Leon Venerable - Deborah Allen - Steve Oliver - Michael Thomas -Rachel Williams
Foster Martin Band(CA) - Jim Cristaldi - Billy Ryan - Steve Trent & Small Town - Kayla Nicole
Johnny Paycheck with Wynn Stewart - Bill Durham - Kim Warren - Glenn Reid(CA) - Kim Mclean
(Click here for tracks / audio samples / artist photos / links from MTM#36)
Featured Artists From M-T-M #39
Billy Keeble - Deborah Allen - Razzy Bailey - Michael Thomas - Tonya Kennedy with Colin Amey(CA)
Rustie Blue with Willie Mack - Sylvia - Billy Ryan - Foster-Martin Band(CA) - Meah Faith - Jeff Taylor
Andy Dozier - Tin Ridge Band - Jim & Rachel - Wynn Stewart - Bobby Barnett
(Click here for tracks / audio samples / artist photos / links from MTM#39)
Featured Artists From M-T-M #38
Gary Pittman -Steve Trent & Small Town - Marty Raybon - Razzy Bailey - Michael Thomas - Wild Wild Westt
Jim & Rachel  - Billy Ryan - Brianna Grace - Kim Warren - Block Family Band - Kenny Catoe  - Bobby Helms
Glenn Reid(CA) - Bill Durham - Ron Thompson  - Allan Mikusek(SK) - Tin Ridge Band
(Click here for tracks / audio samples / artist photos / links from MTM#38)
M-T-M #40 Country Radio Disc Now On Radio!!!!
Featured Artists Include: Michael Thomas - Brother Slade -  Razzy Bailey - Bobby Dean
Mckinley and Beggs - Coldwater Canyon Band - Michael Lonstar - The Bum Steers
John Long - Jack Greene & George Jones - Bill Durham - The Two Timers - Steve Oliver
Jim & Rachel - Glenn Reid(CA) - Ron Thompson -Leon Venerable - Claude Davis..
Brother Slade                              Coldwater Canyon Band                     The Bum Steers
(Sully Boy Records)                                 (KountreeBoyz Ent).                               (Billy Block Presents)
M-T-M #41 Country Radio Disc Coming Soon to Radio!!!!